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The impoverished people of the Amazon desperately need your help. Your donation will provide medical and dental care to over 5,000 people a year, purchase medicines and supplies, bring clean water and other essential needs, and make sustainable improvements in this remote corner of the world where the poor are too often forgotten.

Amazon Promise founder Patty Webster:
CNN Hero and Caring Award Recipient

 Watch Patty's CNN video here.


Read about Patty's Caring Award

Patty Webster Caring Award for two decades of dedication to the Amazon

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Need a gift?  Visit our Zazzle site to purchase AP t-shirts, mugs, bags etc.

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You can also visit the Amazon Promise store at the

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where you can find beautiful, one-of-a-kind, collectable, handmade jungle crafts, artworks and jewelry created by the people we serve in remote Peruvian rainforest communities.

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Medical Expeditions


Join a Promise Medical Expedition and get ready for a life-changing experience in the Peruvian Amazon! We need medical volunteers (doctors, dentists, nurses, physician assistants, etc.) and non-medical volunteers. We offer special internship opportunities for medical/dental, physician assistant, public health and nursing students. We simply ask our volunteers to adopt a sense of adventure and a willingness to work hard!

Your volunteer experience is not free, but we do everything we can to keep costs to a minimum. Your contribution of hands-on fieldwork plus the financial donation you make through your expedition fee is the backbone of the help Amazon Promise gives to the people of Peru. Click here to determine your Expedition costs.

Volunteers may participate in one, two or all three weeks of any medical expedition except for trips marked as 'remote'. Non-medical volunteers are also welcome!  Please browse through our Newsletter section and Facebook page for the latest AP happenings!


End of 2017/2018 Trip dates



Oct. 21-29

Nine Day, Cervical Cancer Screen and Treat campaign – City of Iquitos – FULL

Dec. 30 – Jan. 9




Feb. 24 – March 10

Ten Days   OPEN

Ten days in jungle villages of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

OPEN to all medical professionals and medical/dental/nursing/physician associate/MPH students – Camping in villages



Two Weeks  (almost full!)

Two weeks in Villages of the Yarapa, lower Ucayali, and lower Maranon Rivers.  Sponsored in part by Western Michigan Medical School, mentored by UWM faculty.

OPEN to all medical professionals and medical/dental/nursing/physician associate/MPH students – Lodge based

July 14 - Aug. 4

Three Weeks  (OPEN)

Two weeks in jungle villages of the Yarapa, lower Ucayali, and lower Maranon Rivers, one week in the city of Iquitos.

OPEN to all medical professionals and medical/dental/nursing/physician associate/MPH students – Lodge based

(Great opportunity for students to gain important global health experience working alongside our excellent preceptors - spaces fill quickly, so get your App in now!)

Sept. 22 – Oct. 6

Two Weeks – REMOTE - OPEN

Remote medical teams travel by plane, helicopter, and boat to native Achuar, Quechua or Awajun communities. Because these areas are in more remote regions of the Amazon, teams are limited to 7 volunteers.

All volunteers must be in good physical condition, be low-maintenance, and have camped in rough terrain.  The indigenous villages we work in have even less access to medical care than other areas, so the need is high.  This is a tough yet very rewarding experience!



























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How much does it cost to join a Medical Expedition? Medical Expedition Costs

I want to go to the Amazon. What do I do now? Medical Expedition Application Process

How do I prepare and pack? Trip Preparation & Packing Information

What's it like to be on a medical expedition? Read these: Field Experiences

Applications form (PDF File): Medical Expedition Application