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The impoverished people of the Amazon desperately need your help. Your donation will provide medical and dental care to over 5,000 people a year, purchase medicines and supplies, bring clean water and other essential needs, and make sustainable improvements in this remote corner of the world where the poor are too often forgotten.

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Patty Webster Caring Award for two decades of dedication to the Amazon

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Health Education, Prevention and Intervention



¡Soy Capaz! updates:

For recent updates on our activities, please go to the Amazon Promise Newsletter section on our Homepage. 


¡Soy Capaz! is the education branch of Amazon Promise created in 2005 by Elena Deem, PhD, Director of Educational Programs. We strongly believe that self-sustainable health practices save lives in the Peruvian jungle communities where governmental medical care is sparse. ¡Soy Capaz! specializes in the prevention of transmittable infections and diseases, ranging from HIV to the Zika virus, and from fever to diarrhea. Physical and mental wellbeing go hand-in-hand, and so we address domestic violence, alcoholism, and women’s rights. We also emphasize the synergies between health and environmental protection. 
It is our long-term goal to affect changes in the behavioral modes of both the individuals and communities. Ultimately, by taking these positive steps, the people themselves will become empowered to take on the program and continue its message in our absence. 
To this end, we work closely with local populations and tailor our approaches and teaching strategies to the specific socio-cultural aspects of each community, with particular sensitiveness to their necessities and cultural taboos. In each place, we collaborate with community representatives who often work as our trained facilitators and educators.
Our activities and interventions may thus vary according to whether we work in a traditional native jungle setting (i.e.; the indigenous Quechua, Achuar and Candoshi villages), or in the impoverished neighborhoods of the city of Iquitos. 

health diagram


What We Are Doing

There are two basic levels to our education activities:

 1. Repeated and consistent education: workshops, interactive lectures, school visits, individual counseling (in most communities, we have worked continuously for over 12 years).  


  2. Training of volunteer promoters embedded in the community (who continue the activities in our absence).


 ¡Soy Capaz! produces its own teaching, training and informational materials, posters, handouts, and DVDs. We distribute condoms free-of-charge, when available, and upon request.



Where necessary, we provide counseling for informed HIV testing, and treatment referral, including case managing and financial aid to jungle patients in need.

We equally sponsor abused women who seek shelter from domestic violence.


¡Soy Capaz! in Local Partnerships

We partner with Lazos de Vida, a local association of promoters living with HIV, some of whom give talks during our clinics. The association is well-organized and serious about its mission, running a house for HIV orphans and promoting HIV-prevention in the region. 

¡Soy Capaz! also collaborates with the following:

Peruvian Ministry of Health: The regional Ministry of Health recognizes us as one of the health educational programs of the region. We report to the MOH after each expedition, and we produce a yearly report. 

CERITS (Center of References of STD and AIDS) in San Juan Health Center and the San Juan Laboratory, Iquitos.

PROCITS (Prevention and Care of Infectious Diseases and AIDS) at the Hospital of Iquitos. The office helps take care of our HIV-positive patients and enters them into the free national antiretroviral treatment system.

CEM (Centro Emergencia Mujer = Women's Emergency Center) has been providing us with information materials and contact information for women who seek shelter from abuse and need legal aid. 


Other Promotional Activities

¡Soy Capaz! has actively participated at Amazon Promise's fundraising art auction, Something's stirring in the Amazon Jungle II, that took place in May of 2017 in NYC. 

The Road Ahead

As we continue working together with the communities, we respond to their most pressing issues, and, together, we expand and modify our educational campaigns.This is why we have been increasingly focusing on women as the most vulnerable group, by holding educational workshops and private counseling sessions, communicating with the local authorities, and making interventions where necessary and upon request (such as in cases of domestic violence). 

Support us!  

Your support of ¡Soy Capaz! will help our effort to empower the communities to become more self-sufficient, live healthier lives, and so achieve a greater degree of independence and economic prosperity. 

Please, make out your donations here, specifying SOY CAPAZ in the "special instructions" box. 


There is also a recently published book for purchase:

Mother is an Amazon jungle-inspired story written by Elena Deem (PhD in Comparative Literature) and illustrated by the Peruvian artist, Juan Carlos Zeballos (recipient of numerous international art prizes). Proceeds from the sale of the book will support our Soy Capaz activities. 

Thank you for your wonderful support that allows us to continue making a difference in the daily lives of the jungle people.